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With the help of CountMyVisitors, there is surety that all meeting or visits are captured and social distancing remains in focus. App allows you to record and send requests for your visits and meetings effortlessly through just click of the button. Hence throughout we ensures there is a minimal contact and prior meeting there is no personal contacts.


Through CountMyVisitors you saves lot of hassle of your precious time or recording your visits and arranging meetings with your seniors and government officials.

If you ever want to calculate ROI just think in terms of availability of reports of your visits and time saved during arranging the meetings. Whole gamut of services through CountMyVisitors saves resources and time of both Appointment Seeker or customer and Appointment provider or Owner of Premises.


CountMyVisitors helps you keep a track of all visitors data of who all attended the meeting or who all visited your premises. The data will also include date and time of the meeting or if you have premises then premises visit date and Time with other relevant transactions at one place.

The data can be accessed at a dashboard level anytime anywhere through your mobile or through website and this is not all- we provide you world class security so your data can be accessed in future and securely.


CountMyVisitors helps you in accessing your visitor’s data from multiple platforms – platform which supports Android. Data in the shape of reports and dashboard are available on both mobile and website. You can also download data to perform slicing and dicing of information using analytical tools. Though in coming Phases we may provide you all kind of analytical reports at reasonable price.


At CountMyVisitors we accept payment through all available payment modes including BHIM UPI and Net Banking for our paid services. Even cash payments is acceptable at select locations.

All payments will include GST for hassle free services and we encourage users to enroll your GST if available to avail GSTN benefits on your transactions.


In this hour of Covid-19 pandemic when social distancing has to be maintained to safeguard self and our family members, CountMyVisitors novel idea has brought the concept of count visitors without coming in actual contact to register and record data of customers or meeting members.

This not only is totally automatic but also makes sure you remains totally virtual prior meeting and data of visits recorded through CountMyVisitors app only.


CountMyVisitors helps you register your visit through QR code. Not only this will help you build your visit history but also provide you ease when you want to meet any official and want to schedule a meeting with person of interest. Scan a QR code through CountMyVisitors app will access the information regarding the premises and you can immediately know the details you require to book the meeting schedule or register your visit.

Do remember that QR Code is completely atomic and cannot be replicated to show fake visits and meeting requests- our technology and algorithm makes sure that for you.


Our services are paid and we charge nominal Rs 499-/ for our services ONLY from the Receivers (PoI) as of now. Google or other services will use our platform to display advertisements in the bottom of the App which is another way to give you our services for dirt cheap price.

Our services are divided into various groups as below

Free for 7 days After 7 days till 365 days*
QR Code Generation
Recording of Visitors
Daily Visitors Summary
Daily Visitors Details
Weekly Visitors Details
Real Time Bugs Fixes
Customer Support acknowledgement TAT NA 12 Hrs
Price in INR NA 2499

*After 365 days need to recharge again to continue to avail uninterrupted
service else after 370 days all data will be deleted from our server.


CountMyVisitors app currently has two types of users based onuse and expectations. One is sender(who does the QR code Scanning)and another is Receiver.

  • Sender is one who is visiting the Market place, office or a place to meet the Boss or some person of interest (PoI). Now he can access location details through QR code posted near the meeting room/outside the shop/ Mall/ Medical Facility and so forth. They are the users who have access to following reports:
    • Places visited – Date and Time
    • Fixing the appointments if it is authorized or rejected by the receiver.
    • All reports will be summary based and visited place information at bottom most granularity.
    • Reports will be searchable – Date range based or location based

  • Receiver (PoI) is one who generates QR code and App allows the QR code to be downloaded. Receiver can print the QR and put outside the Office or Shop etc. QR code will have all the requisite details that make it unique (Unique algorithm). Receiver has access to MIS based Dashboard which will display below reports:
    • Unique Visitors: Who are unique visitors who visited the location.
    • Total Visitors: All Visitors – can capture multiple visits by same person as well.
    • Past Reports: All visits summary as well as granular level to visitor details who has visited the location.
    • All reports will be summary based and visitors information at bottom most granularity.
    • Reports will be searchable – Date range based and name of visitor.

All users are properly verified through OTP whenever needed and this also makes sure sender has all the proper information.

CountMyVisitors works on a simple concept of two way communication of Mobile Device through GSM through web data or Wi-Fi.

Logically system has multiple scenarios based on the business need:

  1. Enterprise Corporate Offices
  2. Government Offices
  3. Shops Owner
  4. Hospitals
  5. Departmental Stores
  1. Enterprise Corporate Offices: In an Office Scenario, if someone wants to meet his/her boss he/she can scan the QR code and request for the appointment. Now receiver will receive the request and approves or disapprove based on the availability.
  2. Government Offices: During visit to Government office, sender will scan the QR code posted outside the office. This will send the request to the officer and he can allow or disallow sender to meet him.
  3. Shop Owner: Shop will have QR code pasted outside the shop. Whenever any customer visits them, he or she will scan the QR code and this will allow Shop Owner to know who all are visiting shop.
  4. Cafe and Restaurant: All customers will scan the QR code and this will allow Café Owners and Restaurant owners to manager the customers wrt to availability of sitting space.
  5. Hospitals: Patient especially OPD one to know their doctors availability and can send booking requests by scanning the QR code. Doctors can manage the flow of patients.
  6. Departmental Stores: Big departmental stores will know who all are there in their stores, how much time they have spent in their stores etc.

About Us

Dev Enterprises is a new and young organization full of innovative and out of the box ideas that are more than relevant in today’s world where Covid – 19 Pandemic has changed the whole concept of shopping, meeting with people and our social networking and how mobile phones are being used.

Dev Enterprise is an IT company based out in Lucknow (U.P.) which works with single motto – Customer Centricity and always endeavor for the best service to their Clients.

So in this need of hour Dev Enterprises has brought an extremely out of ordinary notion – COUNTMYVISITORS. Our focus through this app is to provide our best of the services to organizations, shops, and also on a domestic level at Hospitals, Hotels, Airports etc. We not only provide exemplary services but are also known for building healthy relationships with our clients.

CountMyVisitors is never thought before but a very simple yet extra ordinary concept. It works on the idea of tracking people or place of interest, marking our meetings with high grade executives those are relevant and important for us. For example, we are visiting a shop to buy some groceries or some electronic items- we want to mark those places of visits for future references, likewise we want to meet some officer or even planning to meet our bosses, CountMyVisitors offers a perfect solution for that.

Meeting that are ad hoc, planned, one to one or common crowd makes the basic core of CountMyVisitors. Now Employees or Government Offices don’t have to tell their employees to check with them for meeting request or schedule. They can use CountMyVisitors App and without any beforehand interaction, all the basic requirement like date and time of the meeting can be fixed and recorded1.

Now Shop owners or Café Owners don’t have to worry about who has visited their place, all the visitors aka customers can be tracked and Shop owners or Café Owners can fetch in day end on MIS who all visited them and this data can help them grow their business as well. CountMyVisitors makes sure to keep a record of each and every person stepping inside the organization or the shop through QR Code – which is immutable. Owing to its simple and user-friendly interface, it fulfills the ripe need to keep a chronicle account of every individual in this pandemic COVID19 scenario, whosoever visits the premises.

CountMyVisitors works exceptionally well wherever there is a need of prior appointment, hence it manages appointments through its unique algorithm and is Main forte of the CountMyVisitors are:

1) Simplicity
2) Aesthetic sense
3) User Friendly
4) AI Based
5) Secured and Privy prone.
6) Extremely Unique Concept
7) Simple to get register

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